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It is so hard to turn away from temptations, or to simply eat healthy when your kitchen is a home for all the things you shouldn't be eating. Here is a quick guide for how to make your fridge a place that inspires healthy eating! 1. Put snack pairings together Try to keep foods that are smart snack combos in one place so that you're more likely to grab them than a bag of chips. (Think: almond butter and apples, or low-fat cottage cheese and berries) 2. Go mini I love almonds, too much. If I have a full bag of almonds in my house I will finish it in a week, rather than a month. In order to avoid this, I buy smaller single serving bags (Thank you trader Joes) Try this for guacamole, chocolate, cheese, and other foods you tend to overdo. 3. Cut up the veggies Slice up some carrots, bell peppers, and cucumbers so you can throw some in a snack back and hit the road. Make it as easy for your future self as you can. 4. Go jarred Jarred veggies, like roasted red peppers and artichoke hearts will help you out when your week is crazy busy. They're perfect additions to salads and don't require any prep time. 5. Get cheesy Blocks of hard cheeses, like Parmesan and Asiago, makes you more aware of how much you're eating because you have to physically shred them with a grater. 6. Spa-ify your water Big pitchers of fruit and herb infused water doesn't just look good - its great for you! Check out some infused water recipes here:
Well I certainly love everything in this person's fridge :)
Great tips @flymetothemoon! I love prepping food ahead of time.
@kristenadams @flymetothemoon Great tip! I guess I do that subconsciously, but now I'll pay more attention when I DO bring something not super healthy home :)
I hide the bas stuff (aka my left over pizza) behind the healthy stuff so I'm less likely to grab it as a midnight snack
This fridge setup is too healthy for me. There needs to be at least a space for my bacons!
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