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THE SCENT: CITRUS You are: Crisp and confident Feminine without being girly, and flirty without being overly romantic, zesty scent wearers tend to be classic beauties – with a wicked sense of humour. THE SCENT: FLORAL You are: Fresh and pretty Floral wearers are down-to-earth and have a strong sense of femininity, which their style reflects. The floral-scent wearer's personality is just as relaxed, meaning they are good-natured and lively. THE SCENT: EARTHY AND WOODY BLENDS You are: Modern and minimalist Bold, unique and effortlessly chic, you are complex but never overpowering. You appreciate individuality and loyalty above all else. THE SCENT: MUSK, ORIENTAL You are: Opulent and sultry Warm and sensual, women who favour musk or oriental scents create a lasting impression – and aren't afraid to show their sensuality. THE SCENT: CULT CLASSIC FRAGRANCE You are: Classic and elegant Refined and elegant, those who favour classic fragrances such as Chanel No. 5 tend to have perfectly-polished wardrobes boasting modern classics and a signature scent to match it. THE SCENT: CELEBRITY FRAGRANCE You are: Fun and flirty Women who wear celebrity fragrances are fun, flirty and social. Always up for a laugh, they don't take life – or themselves – too seriously, and are sociable and loved because of it.
This is pretty accurate. I love earthy scents and I'm definitely a minimalist.
My scent is floral and I'm definitely lively!
Opium. That is my Oriental standard, which makes me opulent and sultry. More right than my Gemini horoscope.
I'm always switching between citrus and rose scents - so I'm confident and pretty, right?