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Coconut Mango Tapioca Dessert

If you love boba, you'll like this light and sweet dessert. I like making this on days I don't feel like pastries or pies. Ingredients: - 4 manila mangoes - 1 1/2 cup of sago tapioca (sago is the tiny kind of tapioca) - 1 can coconut milk - 1 cup milk - 1 piece of rock sugar Instructions: 1. Boil a pot of water and cook the tapioca until they turn transparent. Then drain and run them over cold water. 2. Puree two mangos and cut the other two into cubes. 3. In a pot, heat milk, coconut milk and rock sugar (medium heat) until it starts bubbling. Lower heat and stir in mango puree. Turn the heat off and stir in cubed mango pieces and tapioca. 4. Let cool and chill in the fridge before serving!
This sounds reaaaally delicious. I'm going to definitely try it the next time I've got some good mangoes.
How interesting! I was a huge fan of tapioca pudding when I was younger, but I haven't actually had tapioca in the longest time!
This looks delicious and I love coconut milk!
When I went to Hawaii for vacation, a host family served us tropical fruits with tapioca! This reminds me of that trip!
@inthekitchen I actually recently bought some tapioca so I was inspired to use it for dessert and this one was a childhood favorite.
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