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Junot Díaz talks about writing his book "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" in this short interview, and also about the reception that people have to his writing. He tried to write about very real men, and specifically two very real nerds who identify with others in nerd culture in a way that hasn't been done often. Beyond that, though, he has received some negative feedback for writing "sexist books," but he believes that he is not writing sexist literature. Rather, he is writing characters who happen to be sexist. Without women readers, he reminds us, he would be nothing, and he knows that his plans would fail without a strong woman to help the men, too. Another great thing about Díaz’s characters—Dominican immigrants growing up in New Jersey—is that this book is bringing great attention to a non-white authored book in a still largely white publishing world. And Junot Díaz hopes to continue that strain while teaching undergraduate writing professor at MIT You can find the syllabi for two of his classes, World-Building and Advanced Fiction, in the images above! It seems that while in his World-Building class the book selection is more typical, he has found away to incorporate more non-white authors in the Advanced Fiction class. I'll surely be trying to read these to learn something, even if I won't be taking his class (for obvious reasons).
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I cant believe I havent read his books yet! Thanks for the reminder!
@danidee You should! I quite enjoyed it. Not my number 1, but still quite enjoyable.
Wow, what an inspiring individual. I'd love to check this book out.