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Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of many health products including everything from soaps to presription drugs, is being sued for not clearly providing true information about it's drug Risperdal, and for illegally promotion unapproved uses for the drug. The family suing has a 20 year old autistic son who may have grown breasts due to the use of this drug. The boys neurologist says that a Janssen sales rep, who does work for J&J, came to their office 20 times in a period of just a few years, encouraging pediatric use of this drug long before it was approved. And, for the wrong illnesses. This is not an isolated case. A quick search online can tell you that there are dozens (hundreds, maybe thousands) of boys being affected: their testosterone is essentially being evaporated by this drug causing a wealth of bodily changes that can also include sexual organ malfunctions that can lead to sterile-ness. While the drug might be approved for an OK for some things, the main things is that J&J's Janssen pharmaceutical company worked hard to ensure that the studies it did about the side effects of the drug were released after severely manipulating the data to make it seem as if the drug had a lower risk of a side effect than it may have actually had. When it comes to honesty of modern medicine, it seems, the world is severely lacking.
@amog32 @greggr If we see that news, I'll be very excited!
I hope that in a few months we here news of this going positively!
@yakwithalan Agreed. Unfortunately I saw a lot of people with their stories online that are hesitant to actually try suing. @drwhat Yeah, it's mostly just sad that it's not even surprising.
Wow.....can't say I'm surprised when I find out a company knows more than they're willing to reveal in the name of sales.
Why anyone is surprised by this is beyond me. I hope all those affected who haven't yet begun lawsuits are able to join a class action lawsuits--I'm sure there are tons of lawyers ready to capitalize on this.