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At 14 she was Giselle. Dying and rising from her grave with every performance. So many years have passed, and so much have happened, but she still remembers exactly how it felt. Every muscle in her body remembers. The sense of the wooden stage below her ballerina shoes, the still anticipation for the time to make her entrance, the lights that turn the audience into this blurry creature, waiting for her in the darkness. And then she dances, and she flies. She is soaring up above her sore ankles and toes, away from her loneliness and her self doubting being. This is where she lives. This is what she knows for certain. Did she make her students capable of experiencing the same? She knows she did with some of them. Others could never understand why she insisted on so much discipline and hard work. They called her a diva and said that her methods are old fashioned, but in her mind, they just missed the opportunity she gave them to fully experience what it is like to be a dancer. Growing up with a father in the diamonds business, must have shaped some of her perspective about getting things done correctly, but for the most part, it is just the way she is. Let them call her a snob, then. They don't know what its like to be so much alive, and she does.
Everyones perspective of how things should be done is very different, yes. nice!
And those who know what they feel is the most beautiful, most wonderful feeling in life can't help but trying to share it. A very true sentiment, and very well expressed @orenshani7