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SM Entertainment has revealed through a press release today that they will be taking action to stop Luhan and Kris's continued celebrity activities in China. The agency stated the following, declaring their position on Luhan and Kris's promotions in China that have continued on despite their lawsuit and contract with SM Entertainment still remaining. "As the lawful agency of EXO members Kris (Wu Yi Fan) and Luhan, SM Entertainment has officially filed a lawsuit against Luhan, who is illegally carrying out celebrity activities, and advertisers, who are using Luhan as their endorsement model; the lawsuit has been drafted into the system at the Shanghai court on February 4, 2015. From here on, we will be blocking the continuation of Kris and Luhan's illegal promotions, and we are now declaring our official position on the matter so that no further harm will come to more companies [due to illegally hiring these members]. Kris and Luhan filed lawsuits against us in May and October of 2014, respectively, and after one-sidedly filing these suits, the two used EXO's fame to appear in various movies, advertisements, events, and awards ceremony before the lawsuit's legal process even officially began. These activities have infringed the rights of the EXO members and SM, and have caused great financial harm to us and our partners. We invested massive amount of manpower and resources to grow EXO into a top global artist in a short span of 2 years. Without sufficient reason, Kris and Luhan left the group without a notice, and as soon as they gained fame with the group's name, they ignored the contract, trust, and morals, and only pursued personal profit. This is not only an abuse of the system, but also an unethical move that has betrayed the trust of this company and the other members. Our contracts with Kris and Luhan remain in effect until the final ruling is made by the court. We will hold them responsible for all the promotions they have illegally conducted during this period. All the activities they have conducted independently including movie and advertisement promotions are also considered a breach of contract. In addition, any individuals or companies that have blindly supported the two's breach of contract are infringing on the rights and profits of SM and EXO. Thus, we will also hold them responsible and take legal action. We have already filed a lawsuit with our legal team in China, KING&WOOD MALLESONS, against Luhan and advertisers who hired Luhan, and we will also take all the necessary legal measures to protect the rights and profits of SM and EXO." SOURCE: Woah this is getting serious! What do you guys think about this. Do you think SM Entertainment is taking this way to far, or do you think this is justified.
Boo, SM Entertainment. More like SMH Entertainment.
I seriously don't like SM!! I personally think they are taking this too far!!! Ugh this really annoys me! :/
I think the artists should have rights concerning there activities and expression of their art. They shouldn't have signed contract to start with. Makes you appreciate what JYJ went through
I think Sm is mad at those two who help them to come to media that why now they are trying to ruin their career.
@PassTheSuga is totally right, SM is within their rights here, doesn't make them any less of a... Yeah I'm not gonna write expletives but I'm sure you get the idea. In my personal opinion if SM go through with this it will be like shooting themselves in the foot or putting another nail in the coffin as the saying goes (at least where I'm concerned) any company that treats its employees as nothing more than tools to make money, doesn't deserve to keep functioning as a business, this makes me really mad, and I'm not even a big fan of EXO
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