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There are so many reasons why lemon is a must-have item for your kitchen, but here are 8 of my favorites! Lemon is great for cleaning appliances, removing odors, speeding up your metabolism, and even boosting your mood. Does anyone else have any lemon hacks? I know @galinda and @HairConfetti @sophiamor have talked about lemon in beauty products before :) Lemon & Brown Sugar Face Scrub - Treating Dandruff with Lemon Juice - Lemon for Fresh Breath -
I heard a plastic surgeon on TV say to use lemon juice on face daily leave on 10-15 minutes rinse off with warm water & treat with your favorite moisturizer with sunscreen to get skin that glows,, it evens out skin tone,,,it really works I love it
Great idea. don't forget when life gives you lemons make lemonade. smile.
lemon are great just don't sell it
Thanks for the tag!! I love lemon products (beauty, cleaning, candy - anything!!)
I always sprinkle a little lemon on my lettuce if I'm bringing salad to work for lunch or something to keep it from going limp :)
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