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With over 10k followers on Instagram, @josipaskvorc knows two things: Her face and what works on her face. Seems pretty simple, but with that basic knowledge you can create looks that are right just for you.Don't worry about what magazines are touting. Worry more about what looks good on you and then wear it effortlessly. What she's wearing: 1. Benefit Hello Flawless foundation 2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in dark brown 3. Motives Cosmetics Lbd gel liner and mascara 4. Lilly Ghalichi lashes and Tehran and Glam 5. Liquid Lips Pure Hollywood 
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Very Classic. Helps too, to have a good facial cleansing routine. Good skin = good makeup foundation.
3 years ago·Reply
Such a pretty look! Her skin is flawless.
3 years ago·Reply
I wish I could get my eyes to look that big!
3 years ago·Reply
Just do to your eyes what celebrities do to their selfies: photoshop. @danidee.
3 years ago·Reply
LOL @darcysdiary. I think it's just the angle of her camera phone.
3 years ago·Reply