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Q: I'm getting married soon, well, March 2016. I feel like my best friend is getting too friendly with my BF. He proposed without a ring, but we are getting married. But she seems to want to hang with him and text him. They both say it's nothing but sometimes I wonder and I feel like I am getting jealous for nothing. Am I crazy for wanting her to leave him alone? Sometimes I feel like we're both dating him. Do you have any advice for me? Thx. Leave your advice in the comments! And, if you have any love problems you want to get advice on anonymously, just send it my way :)
All great advice. May I add? No man or woman is worth being jealous over. A person who wants to cheat will always find the time and place. I myself learned the hard way that three is a crowd! See how things go and watch their body and coded language. Biggest tip I still have to master myself is: Listen to your gut it really does tell you the truth. Your gut tries to save you from many things like heart break. I wish you all the best and pray it works out for you! Take care.
My advice? Think about this really rationally before you bring it up to your friend or your guy. Seriously. Because accusations about a relationship that may or may not be out of line can really set up a bad tone in friendships. Instead, pay attention to some things. Were they friends before you two were serious? Does she try to tell you he's not the one, or seem TOO happy for you (as in constnatly saying how lucky you are)? Is she being distant with you for no reason at all? If you complain about him, does she defend him unreasonably instead of actually trying to help you get through it? If the signs from these questions look negative, then I'd be concerned! Otherwise, just be cool for a while: it's likely that their bond with you is just making them closer, too!
@5azul6lupita2 Listening to your gut is the way to go!
As a wedding planner, I've seen similar situations happen before. The best thing for you to do right now is remain calm. If things does not go according to your plan, then let it be! I've seen people trying get into marriage with doubts and insecurity. It's definitely not healthy because it will ruin relationships and your marriage.
always Listen to your GUT !
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