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Well....Im late. I hit a wall doing this one lol. It was really hard I guess because I have a lot of favorites but I wanted to focus on the favorites that have a long lost piece of me in the song somehow. I'm sure you've all had that happen where you hear a song and it feels like its what's been missing in your life? Anyone feelin' me on this? Disclaimer: playlist is not entirely kpop. So without further ado... 1. Taeyang__Where U At? Now I said there's a piece of me in this song...and I'm getting to that. Taeyang will always be special to me...this song was the nail in the coffin so to speak. I had listened to kpop prior to listening to this song and to me it was kind of novelty and I was just sort of dabbling if you will but I hadn't made a connection with any one song or artist. When I heard this and watched the video I made a definite undeniable connection with Taeyang. I had kind of a weird deja vu type experience. So Taeyang and this song and MV are honestly very special to me for that reason. 2. Taeyang__Ringa Linga Now I was pumped when the dance performance video was released....the beat was just so good it made me sick....figuratively of course lol. Then the MV was released and I teared up in the beginning where he's standing up on the scaffolding. It was freakin epic (•̀o•́)ง .....Up until this point I think R&B type feels were expected from him and this was just pure badass-ery to the n-th degree. (if you're a math nerd you'll see what I did there ;)) 3. Tablo ft Bumkey__ 밑바닥에서 (From the Bottom) Tablo is a poet....a true lyricist. His lyrics are just so relatable....to me at least. He just cuts through all the bullshit and does it in such a beautiful precise way so that all that's left is the emotion. And even without English translations....if you have a soul, you feel him. In this song Tablo wrote the first verse for his wife and the second for Haru. He basically apologizes that they had to meet him when he feels he's at rock bottom and he's promising to be better for them. Bumkey's voice just sails along the chorus.... its so smooth. Its just soooooo goood! This song makes me feel like I'm not alone in my feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. A lot of Tablo's lyrics make me feel like less of a weirdo. 4.Dok2 ft Jay Park__ Hands Up You knew it was coming....Jay Park is so inspiring. I just love his go-getta attitude. He doesn't quit or take a step back....he just keeps on gettin' his. And I love that. His voice and hooks are just my absolute favorite. He's just got this style and tone in his voice that just gives me eargasms. Dok2 is amazazing....He kills. That's just what he does. I'd like to think I'm rather tenacious...so when I forget that I'm not gonna let anyone get me down....I bump this song, put my Illionaire signs up and turn up ♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗( ・o・)┓♪┏( ・o・ )┛♪┗(・o・ )┓♪┏(・o・)┛♪ 5. Dok2 ft Loco & Crush__No More (G Mix) Y'all had to see this one coming too lol. Fave! Fave! Fave!!!! Dok2<3 Crush<33 Loco<33333 all on the same track....I'm just all about this song. Crush has this tone in his voice that just exudes passion. I love it. I really adore his track Sometimes and his entire album Crush On You. Locooooooo.....I love this man. His style, tone, overall flow is just something my ears can't get enough of. And have you seen his smile?? He's flippin adorable<3 That aside he's toadilly talented. Dok2 just sets this track off...that line "I'm surfin snorkeling swimming with dem dolphins catch me in hawaii chillin' 8 0 8 bumpin'" is like my solo lol.....I'm not much of a rapper but I OWN that line hahahaha. 6. Lucky J__Run Devil Run (SNSD cover) This cover blew my face off.....I mean I like SNSD's version. But this cover doe!! I love covers that totally reinvent the song to the point where you could use the phrase "inspired by (insert original artist)". What's the point of doing a cover that's exactly like the original? But I digress....Lucky J has quickly become one of my fave groups. Jessi is really talented. She sings. She raps....and her confidence is just wow. She's definitely got a strong personality. I've been watching her on Unpretty Rapstar and honestly I get her and I like her. J'Kyun is the rapper of the group and he's just so fun. I've listened to some of his solo stuff and he's crisp. Like we just need to assume that all the members of this group are hella talented. J'Yo is the vocalist and he dances as well. I just love his voice. They're all very talented on their own but the way their voices meld together as a group is just magic. ₍₍¶(ू⁄›˅̮‹ू∖)⁋₎₎ ♪♬ Can't wait to hear more from them! 7. Lucky J__Can You Hear Me? This song...Jessi describes it as a cliché. Typical subject matter but this song doesn't feel textbook to me at all. Maybe I'm fangirling...but their talents combined couldn't create anything "typical" or cliché. Its gonna have some flavor and spice to it. That first line just echoes all through me and I can't stop listening. 8. Nell__Ocean Of Light I just love Nell and this whole album. And this song is just inspiring and has a feel good vibe. I mean I like their kind of bluer toned melancholy type songs....but this one is my favorite<3 8. Bobby__ '가드올리고 BOUNCE Now this kid....ohhhhh this kid. Love him or hate him, he really is something. He kind of blew my face off...That growling kinda gritty undertone he's got in his voice....its like you can hear the passion and determination. His presence while performing can't be denied....he just owns. 9. Masta Wu ft Dok2 and Bobby__Come Here @danidee saw this one coming. I just love how Bobby just fits into this song. Its not like there's a huge skill gap or anything like that. He just does his thang all coo wit it...." Yeah...I'm here featuring with Dok2 on Masta Wu's track....ain't no thang tho...Imma do what I do." I love this kid lol. 10. Team B__ Climax OMGAWWWWDDDD the feels!!!!!!!! I was sobbing watching this.....I couldn't help it....watching this again a year later....I still can't help but shed a tear. Bobby like lurrrves his mama and its so sweet and endearing and mushy gushy....I love it. B.I's rap just hits me hard every time. Lotta feelzzzz. Im a sucker for any song that involves touching the sky or flying and chasing your dreams on a winged unicorn. But really who's pumped for iKon?? (•̀o•́)ง @MattK95 @christy
@PassTheSuga No no no, you are the cool one. I am a cool imposter.
Whuuuuu that Lucky J cover!!!!!!
@danidee a big part of the reason I love the MV is the choreography! Thats so cool!! And you're so cool BTW. @riva That was an extremely emotional performance....I bawled so I'm right there with you...lol.
Team B__ Climax made me cry..:( 😢😢
Also true story, I got to meet the guy who dances behind him in that MV (on the right). His name is Lyle Beniga and he's the one who actually choreographed the song! He's a really popular choreographer here in San Diego and he also tends to work with Justin Timberlake.
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