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Guys and gals: I'm onto you. But don't worry, I'm guilty of it, too! What we say while texting versus what we are really feeling when we send the text can be really, really different. Now, these may not be totally accurate, but they do show just why texting can be such a weird form of communication! It's great for setting up times and meeting places, but as far as actually getting to know someone? Save it for in person! Or, you might just be misunderstanding what they really want to say :)
What's interesting is that when I started talking to my now-boyfriend more I found that he was the one person I was actually really honest to when texting. Sure, sometimes I would send a random message just cause I wanted to talk to him but overall I was really direct with my words and now I feel like we're able to be really honest and open with each other!
@marshalledgar you can relate too, then??
I love this
@sophiamor my texts are also straightforward. I don't like playing mindgames.
@danidee haha I agree.
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