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Okay, let me start off by saying...I hate beer. The smell, the taste, the foam, it's all bad. It's partially because my roommate in college was a bar tender so we were in charge of drinking all the old beers, but its also just a nasty beverage in general. That being said, here are some really weird beers you can order if you find yourself in Seoul - you'll have to tell me how these taste cause there is no way I'm trying any of these!! 1. Classic Cream Beer Yep, whipped cream and beer. Find it here: Chir Beer 369 2. Cotton Candy Beer This is a new craze in Seoul - cotton candy covered beverages. I don't really like cotton candy, but if I'm going to try it its going to be on a latte! Find it here: Bonggu Beer (봉구비어) 3. Mojito Beer I love mojitos so this is probably the one beer on the list I could possibly try. I'm used to seeing limes in beer, but mint?! Find it here: Romance Salon (낭만싸롱) 4. Military Canteen Beer This beer isn't anything wild - but you are drinking out of old-school military canteens! Find it here: Flying Chicken (닭날다) 5. Butter Beer with Whipped Cream and Waffle Cookies The Harry Potter fan in my desperately wants to try this but at the same time I want to stay faaaar away. Find it here: Hello Hello Ssul (헬로헬로쑬) 6. Frozen Strawberry Beer Okay so I know I said the mojito beer was the only one I'm interested in but I might have changed my mind. Even if the beer is bad at least I get whipped cream and strawberries :) Find it here: Sugatamori (스가타모리) 7. Beer-Flavored Ice Cream Molly's Pops is one of the best dessert places in Hongdae! Along with the Beer Pop, try their Strawberry Wine popsicle :D Find it here: Molly’s Pops For more info + maps & directions follow the link~
These certainly sound interesting XD
(And I just realized how punny that was.)
I want to try the beer flavored ice cream. Molly's Pops sounds like the coolest place ever.
Omg I have to try these!!! especially the butter beer!!!!