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7 Unique Beers You Can Find in Seoul
Okay, let me start off by saying...I hate beer. The smell, the taste, the foam, it's all bad. It's partially because my roommate in college was a bar tender so we were in charge of drinking all the old beers, but its also just a nasty beverage in general. That being said, here are some really weird beers you can order if you find yourself in Seoul - you'll have to tell me how these taste cause there is no way I'm trying any of these!! 1. Classic Cream Beer Yep, whipped cream and beer. Find it here: Chir Beer 369 2. Cotton Candy Beer This is a new craze in Seoul - cotton candy covered beverages. I don't really like cotton candy, but if I'm going to try it its going to be on a latte! Find it here: Bonggu Beer (봉구비어) 3. Mojito Beer I love mojitos so this is probably the one beer on the list I could possibly try. I'm used to seeing limes in beer, but mint?! Find it here: Romance Salon (낭만싸롱) 4. Military Canteen Beer This beer isn't anything wild - but you are drinking out of old-school military canteens! Find it here: Flying Chicken (닭날다) 5. Butter Beer with Whipped Cream and Waffle Cookies The Harry Potter fan in my desperately wants to try this but at the same time I want to stay faaaar away. Find it here: Hello Hello Ssul (헬로헬로쑬) 6. Frozen Strawberry Beer Okay so I know I said the mojito beer was the only one I'm interested in but I might have changed my mind. Even if the beer is bad at least I get whipped cream and strawberries :) Find it here: Sugatamori (스가타모리) 7. Beer-Flavored Ice Cream Molly's Pops is one of the best dessert places in Hongdae! Along with the Beer Pop, try their Strawberry Wine popsicle :D Find it here: Molly’s Pops For more info + maps & directions follow the link~
These certainly sound interesting XD
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Omg I have to try these!!! especially the butter beer!!!!
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I want to try the beer flavored ice cream. Molly's Pops sounds like the coolest place ever.
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(And I just realized how punny that was.)
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