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Fish and the Weather: "Trout jump high when a rain is nigh."
Have you ever heard any fishing lure about how fish will jump high, or bite a lot, when rain is on the way? For instance: "Trout jump high when a rain is nigh." Well, it's not just old man's fishing lore! In fact, it's quite true. Barometric pressure often drops when rain is on the way. When the pressure falls, gases get trapped in bottoms of lakes and ponds, which disperses decaying plants. Small organisms them fill the area, small fish begin to go after them, and big fish go after them!. Fish go on a sort of feeding binge and become quite active, due to their excitement at discovering such abundant food in the waters all of a sudden! So, if you're out fishing, and find that there is a lot more biting than usual, keep your eyes to skies, as a system of low pressure moving through may mean bad weather is on the way! Or, if you're out hiking or doing something else outside, keep an eye on any water ways you pass. While you may not know what kind of activity there is normally, if there is a lot of surface feeding occurring, you'll be able to tell easily!
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