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Don't be fooled by this updo, there's actually no braiding involved here! This style manipulates twisting, layering and direction-changing to create a braided effect. Follow the instructions below to recreate this pro-like coiffure that's more simple than it appears.
Grab the front section of hair on the right side of your head and divide it into two equal pieces. Then start twisting.
Add in the section of hair directly below those first two pieces, incorporating it into the twist. Continue twisting until you reach the opposite side.
Once you've reached the back left side of the head, pin the twist in place with bobby pins, leaving the remaining hair in the twist loose. Then repeat the process on the other side.
Make sure you layer the second twist above the first twist. Continue twisting until you reach the nape of your neck on the right side.
Pin the twist at the nape then grab a small piece of loose hair from the left side of your head and bring it over into the right twist, rolling it in. The goal is to bring the twist from right to left creating a "S" shape. Grab all your hair towards the left direction.
Roll those pieces over each other to create one giant twist. Then create a hook in the middle of the twist.
Twist the hair around the finger depicting an "8" in the back of the head and pin it to place. If any pieces fall out, just tuck them up and under the hair, then pin them to secure.
Photo Credit: Guang Xu/Refinery
I just tried it and I succeeded. Thanks!
I think the way her hair is dyed makes this look even prettier!
@danidee definitely!
@RisingArtist Thanks for sharing! Nice to hear it worked out for you!
very cute
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