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Out the door in Chanel. Hail a cab with constitution. And never, ever, let a man see you sweat! Order what you will, my dear, but know what's in your drink. Old Fashioned: (1) sugar cube 2-3 dashes of Angostura bitters (2) orange slices (thin) (3) oz. bourbon-whiskey If you make it: 1. Drop sugar cube at the bottom of an old-fashioned glass. 2. Saturate cube with bitters. 3. Add one orange slice. 4. Muddle ingredients. 5. Fill glass with ice cubes. 6. Add bourbon. 7. Stir well. 8. Garnish with the second orange slice. *Chanel orange tweed blouse and pearls (2015 Spring, price upon request only)
Sounds like a perfect Friday night happy hour drink.
i could use one [drink or blouse]right not to combat my flu with flare! ;-) ♡♡
I love amaretto sours. This is a fun card @NixonWoman Great mix of fashion too.
I've always heard of the Old Fashioned cocktail, but never knew what was actually in it. As a fan of whiskey sours and Kentucky Mules, this sounds right up my alley!
This was the first drink Winson turned me on to. Now you got me thinking of him...@madeleine :)