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According to some questioning done by The Clymb, the best dog breeds for hiking are as follows: 1. Bernese Mountain Dog (strong, smart and can withstand the cold!) 2. Rhodesian Ridgeback (smart, can handle rough terrain and high temps) 3. Australian Shepherd (high energy, touch terrain, high obedience) 4. Alaskan Malamute (can do snow and cold, have huge paws, strong) 5. Vizsla (strong swimmer, can't handle cold well) 6. Labrador Retriever (love the outdoors, need exercise so great to take out) 7. Portuguese Water Dog (love water and are very obedient) What do you think of this list?
@redridergirl @yakwithalan Yep, you're so right. Different dogs suit different people, after all
@redridergirl You said it right--love and training will make any dog the right dog.
I think they're all great and a friend of mine raised Bernese in Tucson of all places and they were beautiful and so loving! I've had Labs and Shepherds and Ridgebacks all great! A neighbor had a Portuguese Water Dog and what a little barker and biter that little yapper was! He was fine on the boat horrible in their yard and as a neighbor dog! He was far from obedient! I was one of the few that got along with the dog including the owner's spouse but I love animals! As a animal lover and advocate I feel any pet can be what the master desires it to be with love and training!
I'd gladly take any of them out! :D
@yakwithalan Agreed! Raise the dog right and it'll be great on the trails.
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