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Hello anyone there??? i am trying to add a card but I dont know how to use the REMAKE button, i am confused, PLEASE HELPPPPPPP!!! <3 <3 <3
I'll second that
@vingle Can you please make something similar to "Repin" or "Reblog" ?
@medusa I got your point. However, I'm wondering if people are always expecting translation for remakes. I thought it was very cool to be able to see how people spin a card to different audiences. I've been thinking that it be great if I post language learning cards by remaking cards in the parties such as Quotes, Funny, Recipes etc. I think it's good as long as you can add value to the existing card by reaching different audiences, whether by translation or spinning it. I definitely, however, don't like to use it as a "Repin." Most people who use remake as repin remove the original text, which is just a meaningless duplicate to me. I think people should take other subscribers(party members) into consideration. No one likes a duplicate that is worse than the previous one, i.e. original one.
Hey! had same prob too at first hehe It's just actually about finding a card you like, the one you feel you wanna translate to another lge, so that either ur best friends, or another online community u belong to, may like it! if only it was in the lge that u re good at, but not them necessarily! That's how i do kpop cards and remake them from korean to english! Cuz i speak some korean, and my best friends who are total nigbang freaks dont hehe Other times, i remake fenglish fashion and make up cards just simply because i wanna have them added to my page in the lge i like to use often, french ^^ So yeah, it's pretty handy!
@sora I found that it could confuse people in some eyes if I use "remake" for trackbacking. For example, let's say you created "How to make strawberry JUICE" and remade it into "How to make strawberry MARGARITA" to trackback. It might help you to save a little bit of time coz you can keep the part "How to make strawberry" in the title and the party tags too. However, I don't like to use it that way. It seems that many vinglers translate existing cards into different languages as remakes and people naturally expect to see the same content in a different language when they check the original card. In this case when the next people translate your "How to make strawberry MARGARITA" into different language as his/her remake, people get to see NOT "How to make strawberry MARGARITA" but "How to make strawberry JUICE" as the original card, which confuses people I think. Hope it helps. :)
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