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The coming weekend 25 women will be climbing on their bikes. This will be a journey of suffer unlike any other as these women are preparing to climb no less than 8,848 meters (29,028 feet), roughly the height of Mt. Everest, in one ride. They will accomplish this by repeatedly climbing Mt Donna Buang near Melbourne. These women range from seasoned "Everesters" to newcomers of endurance climbing. They will ride over 250km, climbing Mt Donna Buang more than 8 times. The attempt should take around 20 hours. “If these women can attempt this challenge and just through this story they can inspire and challenge other women to take on their own challenges – their own personal Everests whatever they are – that is the absolute goal of the event,” said CyclingTips Business Development Manager and Hells 500 founder Andy van Bergen, who has organised the event. I think this is an awesome task to attempt. I know I am nowhere near that level of riding to even think about attempting a 29k foot climbing expedition. Hell, I'm dead after 3k feet of climbing. What do you think of these Everesting challenges? Is it somehting you'd like more pros to be doing, maybe as an event type of thing? I think it could make for a really interesting race.
I can't imagine the suffer. I would love to see this as a real competition but I think the pros would complain too much
That's 25 cyclists that are more talented than I
This is badass. You know you've made it when you can everest a ride...
@troygreene84 Well 150 miles and 29000k of climbing..yeah it's crazy!
@TeamWaffles Hahaha you're probably right