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Cycling etiquette is a strangely specific thing and everyone seems to have their own opinion on the matter. There are a lot of 'arguments' that form due to this perceived etiquette, so someone came up with data to analyze the top arguments. I'll list the arguments below, briefly explain them, and then give the the stats. 1. Rolling Through Stoplights and Stop Signs This is a highly debated arguments within the realm of cycling and one that is hotly debated even outside of cycling circles. It's important to note that in some states it is legal to roll through stoplights and/or stop signs, however, this is not the case in many states. Although stopping forces you to lose valuable momentum, there is a significant risk to getting hit while rolling through. Additionally on of the biggest qualms motorists have with cyclists is that they don't stop at stoplights and stop signs. The data shows that MOST cyclists roll on through. 81% of cyclists surveyed roll through while only 19% stop. 2. The Wave, The Nod, and the Diss You would think that most cyclists rally around each other and give each other support, but that's not always the case. When it comes to acknowledging others on the road, there are three basic responses. First is the wave, second and slightly more lazy is the nod. Finally the last is the diss, or ignoring other riders. I'm sure most people do a combination of all of these, but the acknowledgment cyclists predominately use is shown. 47% of cyclist wave, 35% nod, and about 18% don't acknowledge other riders. 3. Looking and Acting "Pro" There are a lot of trends in the cycling world that many seem to think is "cool". In reality we should all do what is most comfortable for yourself. 60% of cyclists use a saddlebag, which is deemed "uncool" by groups like Velominati. 31% use only their jersey to carry things. Like I said, what ever is most comfortable to you is the right choice. Now, 9% didn't carry anything. If I have any advice, at least bring something to repair a flat while on the road, don't rely on others to help you out. 4. To Shout "On Your Left!" or Not There is something jarring about being passed without any notice. It's common curtesy to warn other riders or pedestrians that you are passing by giving a warning (typically "on your left"). That being said, some people simply do not do this. 73% of cyclists give a warning while 27% do not. 5. Name Brand vs. Chinese In a market that is becoming ever more saturated by cheap Chinese alternative carbon fiber, some people are sticking to the name brand. Whether it be out of safety, or quality, or even just a statues symbol, most people are sticking with name brand bikes. 89% of cyclists buy name brand, while 11% buy off brand. Now that I've given you the stats on these common arguments, I'd like to hear what your opinions are on these matters.
@TeamWaffles Nice! I guess I'll put mine in since I didn't state it clearly: 1. Stop...usually, unless it's a stop sign with no one close by 2. Wave 3. Saddlebag 4. I'll call out 5. Name brand
1. Stop 2. Nod 3. Jersey pockets all day 4. I usually shout 5. The best deal
1. Stop, unless deserted or guaranteed to make it thru before vehicles get to the stop. 2. Nod. Often smile. 3. Small (Camel)backpack if anything at all, aside from my underseat repair kit. 4. Depends..sometimes people spaz, and i'd rather they do it BEHIND me. 5. Still on my first, a Fuji. Next is a Ridley, so i guess "name brand" is my answer.
1: If the laws says then I do- Stop. But if I'm going straight through I stop in the centre of my lane and any vehicle that comes from behind has to wait until its safe for me. 2: Acknowledge with a wave or nod. If I'm riding hard in the drops then the nod works fine, if cruising in recovery a wave is fine. 3; Saddle bag, always small with 2 tubes for less than 100km, when I do big number 2-3-400km a large one with 4 tubes, zip lock bags of powders for the biddons etc. 4: Usually solo rider, but if by chance I catch someone always let them know Im coming by 5: I ride a custom built fitted bike made of TI.... something the Chinese don't offer ;-)
1. Depends on the situation 2. wave 3. saddlebag and pockets 4. usually nothing since I usually ride where no others are at...if by chance it happens I usually forget 5. Name brand as cheap as possible
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