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Everyone seems to argue about what type of socks to wear. Velominati seems to think socks should be like Goldilocks, not too long and not too short. Aside from length, color is also debated. White, black or crazy color, everyone seems to have their own preference. It seems like a bunch of the peloton prefer white or black. What is your idea sock?
I like black, about 5 inches.
@BikeSnob Funny, I didn't know people were so picky about their socks. I usually go with something crazy. I like to spice it up!
What ever is clean is usually the sock I wear. If I had a choice I'd say low ankle socks
@AnythonyB Don't your ankles get shredded by your shoe lining though?
@troygreene84 I make sure that the socks are just above the contact areas of my shoe so I don't get chaffing