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Daily Dose of Writing
Another somewhat nostalgic prompt. But don't take it lightheartedly, stealing is a very serious offense! February 5, 2015 Write the plea of an innocent being framed for stealing and consuming the nation's last chocolate chip cookie. February 3, 2015 Write a description of every detail about a candy you would like to have. (Your own creation :) February 1, 2015 Write a discussion between two young 7-year olds on what the source of happiness is. January 30, 2015 Write a short alternate ending to a book you've read. The only rule is that this ending cannot end in happily ever after.
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But how could there be no more cookies?!
3 years ago·Reply
The world is cruel. For whatever reason, the production of cookies has been frowned upon by nature.
3 years ago·Reply
Stealing IS a very serious offense!
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