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WTF.. If you remember this video from a few months ago, an unmarked Police vehicle from British Colombia pulled in front of longboarders as their were going downhill. What the officer did put the longboarders is harms way, and the longboarders were lucky they weren't hurt any worse. A police officer would never just pull in front of a car like that, why in the world is it okay to pull in front of longboarders?
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Seen this bout twenty times, makes me angry every time I see it. But love when the cop puts his tail between his legs when he sees the longboarder arguing with him is older than he is.
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Doesn't surprise me that he was cleared of wrong-doing. Reminds me of the cop that shot and killed a man at Costco because the dead man didn't know about their rule about Costco being a gun-free zone. Happened in 2010 in Las Vegas. That cop too, was cleared of wrong-doing.
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@NixonWoman so he was sued?
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Wow I would purposely slide Into his car with a cole man and slap his grill as hard as possible
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@NixonWoman I was talking about the cop in the video.
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