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If you're a baking-obsessed vegan (much like my older sister, Debra), you probably are using your vanilla extract all of the time. You make cupcakes, pancakes, waffles, cookies, cakes, whoopie pies, and everything in between, and soon enough, it's off to the store to buy yourself a new bottle, right? How about making your own vanilla extract with two extremely simple steps and ingredients? How about raising the bar with some LAVENDER extract? (Lavender extract is so good in waffles, especially if you've got some non-dairy white chocolate chips to toss into the batter.) Here is a quick vegan DIY to get your kitchen creativity flowing. (Maybe over the next few months, I'll throw in a few recipes that will require lavender extract, so all of you who decide to make this at home have some delicious ideas to test it out with!) --------------------------------------- Vanilla or Lavender Extract 3 vanilla beans or 3 handfuls dried lavender 2 cups high-quality vodka 1. Add the vanilla or dried lavender to a clean 1/2 liter bottle or jar, then add the vodka. Mix the bottle by inverting it a couple of times. 2. Seal the bottle or jar and keep in a cool place for 1 to 2 months. Use your homemade extracts in all of your baking endeavors!
This sounds like a great gift too. I just need a pretty bottle :)
I've never used lavender extract before but now you've got me curious!
Voila! Lady Grey Waffles (thank you Google) http://www.vingle.net/posts/707672
Lavender waffles sounds sort of amazing? I feel like there is an opportunity to add in earl grey tea somehow...let me investigate (I'll tag you in the card once I find something @danidee)
@vegantraveler Check out @caricakes' lavender and Earl Grey waffle recipe: http://www.vingle.net/posts/707672 ('Tis the bomb.)
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