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Project CARS on PS4: 6 things you'll love!

PlayStation Access got their hands on an early access Project CARS. They made a video about their experience, and they listed six things that they loved about the game. 1. The Stig talks to you from the pit through your controller. This makes it feel like actual walkie talkie chatter! 2. Sheer number of tracks! There are lots of tracks in a great variety of locations. 3. Dynamic weather with lots of options. You have lots of different programmable cycles of weather that the race will go through. 4. Camera perspectives. There are tones of great camera perspectives that you can use to improve the immersion. 5. Customizable HUD. They HUD is incredibly customizable from regular spedo all they way to tire pressure and G-force. You can even position items on the HUD however you want. 6. Photomode, a popular in many games now, allows you to freeze the game and give you editing options to take great screen shots.
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@hunahuna Thanks for the advice, I'll take another look at drive club. I was a little weary when their launch went so poorly
I'm really looking forward to this title.
@RobynSecor You might want to try a non-sim racing game then. If you like RPG/open world style games then I recommend The Crew, or if you like arcade racers then try DriveClub
I'll give it a shot most likely. Not a huge fan of sims but we'll see how it goes
It doesn't look as great as DriveClub but I'm sure it will be a great sim. Now the real question is does it meet the level of Gran Tourismo?
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