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CFO of EA Blake Jorgensen made a few comments about the upcoming game Star Wars: Battlefront. Jorgensen confirmed that the shooter is due to launch before Christmas 2015. More specifically, the game aims to be "aligned with" Star Wars Episode VII -- The Force Awakens, which arrives on December 18, he said. Awesome, so the video game will be in line with the new movie, this is great news. Then Jorgensen went on to talk about the game mechanics themselves and how the game will play. He said that EA will push Battlefront like they do with the Battlefield series, as the game will play very much like previous Battlefield games. Awesome, so essentially Battlefield 4 with Star Wars skins and maybe more emphasis on melee seeing as we need to use LIGHTSABERS!
that's great news a bigger battle field is awesome idea
I fell out of the series after BF3, couldn't take it anymore. Their last great hit was either BF2 or BF2142
@hunahuna I'm going to give Hardline a try, since the beta is free. I'm not expecting great things though
I am exactly opposite excited for Battlefront as I am for Battlefield: Hardline. I couldn't be less excited for Battlefield: Hardline and I couldn't be more excited for Battlefront