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Bill Diodato – Care of Ward 81

On Bill Diodato‘s website you will be surprised to only see a commercial body of work. However, there are some gems of modern photography within the commercial photographs. Among it is images from his first book titled Care of Ward 81. In this particular work, Diodato photographed a mental hospital where Ward 81 was a psychiatric ward for women. The lovely colors and textures you'll find in these images counter balance the desolate nature of the subject matter.
@dillonk So was this a commercial project, or was it a personal project among a lot of commercial work?
Also interesting to note that this guy is a commercial photographer, and this work is way different then what I expect from commercial photography
Me too. I highly doubt a series involving such a fascinating place is only 3 photos long.
@danidee As would I. I'd like to see more from this body of work too!
What an incredible setting. I would love to walk around it.
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