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Landyachtz ripple ridge. Defo not my type of board or riding style but I just stumbled on a video on YouTube And they look so much fun! Great commuter board. What do you guys think? Anybody have any experience with one of these. I'll be getting a deck only n doing my own setup
@RichardSchafer if it rides it slides
Its great for being a shortboard, and it is quite short if you are used to normal/long sizes. Itd be a sweet addition to your quiver, just dont expect to go fast and slide hard. Youl want your normal boards. But hey, if you set it up for campuses, skate parks and trails, id highly suggest! As usual if you can go test it at a shop, do that. Good luck!
I've been thinking about getting one of the dingy boards from Landyachtz. I live two miles away from my college and when it gets warmer I can just ride there but my board is so big I don't feel like carrying it so I was thinking of getting a little board for just commuting and cruising around between classes.
My best friends favorite deck is the Ripple. I enjoy it myself, he can pretty much do anything on it as can I. I wouldn't suggest bombing obviously. It is so nice for tricks though, so many ripples with so many spots to lock in. Not a huge LY fan anymore but this deck still got it goin on. Only thing is she is a heavy little cunt.
Eh idk, havnt tried. Havnt ridden other than the street
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