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Landyachtz ripple ridge. Defo not my type of board or riding style but I just stumbled on a video on YouTube And they look so much fun! Great commuter board. What do you guys think? Anybody have any experience with one of these. I'll be getting a deck only n doing my own setup
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@IsaacPaulR can you do slide with it?
3 years ago·Reply
@RichardSchafer if it rides it slides
3 years ago·Reply
But how does it slide?
3 years ago·Reply
Eh idk, havnt tried. Havnt ridden other than the street
3 years ago·Reply
My best friends favorite deck is the Ripple. I enjoy it myself, he can pretty much do anything on it as can I. I wouldn't suggest bombing obviously. It is so nice for tricks though, so many ripples with so many spots to lock in. Not a huge LY fan anymore but this deck still got it goin on. Only thing is she is a heavy little cunt.
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