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In order to get everyone pumped up and encourage fans to continuing their hard efforts in making this tour possible Ailee and San E remind the fans to buy their tickets on "Through a month-long voting process, fans have selected Istanbul, Toronto, New York, Dallas, Las Vegas, and San Francisco to host the three artists’ first joint concert venture. If all of the cities reach 100% of the ticketing goal from January 29 to February 17, the concerts will take place from March 17 to 28."
Maybe I just need to go to the Vegas one! ;) And @SakuraBlossom96 find some ways to raise the money! Sell some of your old wearable clothes to a resale shop or find out if anyone needs a housesitter/babysitter/potted plantsitter!
That's so awesome!! My city isnt on the list but I hope that some of my friends can go!!
@danidee DO IT~ lol & I even considered getting a job o.o but those are good ideas too #TheStrugglesOfaK-PopFan
@honeysoo Well at least you're not stuck with having to wait for your parents to debate if it's worth paying for or not :c