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My dog helping me fit swap some trucks over
Lol. He wants to ride.
if you can, get an omen sugar. kicktail, lots of concave, and a slight drop. what more could you ask for in a deck? definitely my favorite board that I've owned. lots of fun for sidewalk cruising, bombing hills, and good in the park too
nice man. sounds like some sweet trucks. I like me some turny setups for turny hills. loose trucks save lives
@KTM2014 yeah sabre gc190s 45•there proper nice but lowered the ride height to much on the drop through it was biting to much. There really turny n carvey tho with a barrel n cone setup so tried them on one of my pintails n there awesome so leaving them on it. It's suits the sexy white lol
dogs always love to help. get some new trucks @crazyheart? by the way, white than turns me on lol
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