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Here's a simple glitter gradient. You'll be using a coral pink polish and gold glitter of your choice. 1. Paint your nails with an opaque white polish. 2. Then layer on your coloured polish 3. After your nails dry, grab a makeup sponge and brush some glitter to onto the end. You'll be creating a gradient effect. 4. Transfer the glitter to your nails by rolling it on top.
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I can imagine using this in so many color combinations! I love it!!
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@krstenadams that's the beauty of this design!
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So pretty! I've seen a few brides wearing this nail style with silver glitter.
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This is so cute!
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I've been browsing several nail art design posted on Vingle. While I love most of them, they're too decorated for me (I'm turning 47 this year). This one is perfect - simple and modern!
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