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I thought this was an interesting experiment. I was surprised to see that the biggest complainers are probably the very same people who have tasted chinese food the least. (Especially that guy... he was annoying). I have personally been to China express, and liked it. I am from Peru, and I also have a hard time accepting "americanized" Peruvian food. The difference is that I don't hate it. I just think it is fusion. And I love fusion. Those two young people should open their minds a bit more, and be more like the grandpa lol
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LOL. "This reminds me of taking shots. The bad after taste." I couldn't stop laughing at this line.
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@danidee I actually like their chow mien too! However, I usually end up going to Jamba Juice because of all that grease.
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@mikayla I just go to Chipotle and get a burrito bowl. It's one of the few 'fast food' options I don't feel completely horrible about.
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@danidee Chipotle sounds so good right now...I really need to sleep but I'm hungry.
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my fav place panda express
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