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Update!! Easy way to wear your hair at the gym! The braids keep your hair out of the way and look cute at the same time! ❤️ 1. Part you hair down the center (or either side) 2. French braid each side down to the bottom 3. Use a clear rubber band to tie the two braids together and form into a bun or 4. You can continue to braid the 2 braids together to the ends or 5. Stop the braids behind the ears and pull into a fierce high pony tail or 6. Stop the the braids behind the ear and wrap into a fun bun! Have fun and enjoy! Credit to
I love the pumped up pony! I would love to jog and pound a sandbag with that hair. lol
Love it! I used to do my hair like this when I played softball (briefly!)
Nice! Also, thanks for including the instructions! I'm clipping this to my braids style collection!
i like the girl how hits the gym often
I like the bun one. So cute. Or I wonder if it would look weird if I stopped the braid early and pulled it into a ponytail.
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