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Lips are the second important feature after the eyes! While you may focus more on the eye makeup for your big day, don't neglect the lips. Here's what you need to know to walk down the aisle with the perfect pout. Exfoliate Get rid of any dry skin by gently exfoliating and rub your lips with a damp washcloth. A smooth lips will ensure a flawless lip application. Experiment with different formulas Know what type of finish you want. Matte lipstick can be long lasting but it may dry your lips. Creamy formulas are hydrating but they don't last long. You may want to stick with longwearing formula if you plan to stay out from day-to-night. Intensify your color with a lip pencil Lining your lips neutralizes their natural pinkness so the lipstick will be more opaque and closer to the color in the tube. The brush trick Take the extra time to apply your lip color with a brush to make it last longer. Blot the right way Blot in between applications by gently pressing a tissue to your lips. Don't put the tissue in between lips and press down because that will make your lipstick wear off unevenly. Enhance your cupid's bow Use a highlighter to draw attention to this pretty part of your mouth. You could also use a creamy concealer in the same spot to help define your lips. Top with gloss The lipgloss shine will help your pout look even plumper. If you don't like the sticky feeling, just use a small drop in the middle of bottom lip for a similar effect.
I love exfoliating my lips, but when one of my guy friends found out lip scrub was actually a thing, he couldn't stop laughing. Man, boys don't get it.
I've heard of the cupid's bow trick with highlighter!