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Just in case you want a tattoo but want to try out the placement first, or you simply like impermanent tattoos, here's a DIY that is much healthier for you than drawing on yourself with Sharpies or other inks! What you need: 1. Liquid Eyeliner (waterproof) 2. Liquid bandaid (try the bandage section) 3. Baby powder 4. Translucent paper 5. Pencil 6. Scissors 7. Rag 8. Rubbing alcohol How to: 1. Clean skin with rubbing alcohol. ~optional~ Draw your design mirrored on translucent paper and place the design on the desired area with a wet towel (see video) 2. Using your liquid eyeliner, draw your design onto your skin. 3. Let it dry slightly (a few seconds) and then sprinkle baby powder all over the tattoo. 4. Brush the powder off very gently with your makeup brush. 5. Cover the design with the liquid bandaid to seal in the makeup for 1-2 weeks Tip! Put a very light layer of vaseline on the design if you're taking a shower to keep the water away from the tattoo :)
I'm going to put on a fake tattoo of the Chipotle logo and then try to get a free burrito, come back, wash it off, and then change it to a Jamba Juice one. I wonder how many restaurants I could get free stuff from..
didnt work for me. didnt even last a day
I'd say you would probably get the best precision with a felt tip eyeliner, if you're going to use eyeliner
just get the real thing and you don't have to worry about it coming off! I got 9 and counting 😀
I wonder how this application process was discovered. Boggles my mind. If I was EVER to get a tattoo, which I can't imagine that I would, then this is how i'd do it first, just to see if I like it. And then I'd go for it the real way.
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