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Are YOU going to Katsucon?! Get Ready NOW!

Katsucon is in ONE week! If you're like me, you probably still have cosplays to finish, panels to prepare for, and dances to learn. The best way to handle this? Make this weekend count! If you have to work into the wee hours of the morning, then so be it. Get those last minute details done, get those panels planned, learn those dances! It's better now than Wednesday or Thursday. Come Monday it's time to prepare YOU for the con. Yes, you. If you don't usually eat right or drink enough water, at least make sure you do starting Monday! And as tough as it may sound, try to get enough sleep. If you don't usually wake up early, start so it's less of a change come con Friday. We go to cons to enjoy ourselves and have fun. You don't want to work hard for months leading up only to feel exhausted and worn out when you finally get to the con. Work hard now. Then make sure you rest up so we can all make sure Katsucon 2015 is one of the best cons yet!
hope katsu is fun!!!!
Have a safe con weekend!
I've seen too many people just stressed and unhappy all con, only to regret it later!!
Not going, but have a great time @Starberry. You give good advice.
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