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My parents would put my artwork on the fridge, or maybe even in a frame in the living room, but Keith Anderson is taking the tole of 'proud parent' to the next level. He exhibits his son Kai's drawings not on the wall, but permanently on his arm as tattoos. Starting with the first tattoo - a drawing that Kai did when he was 4 years old - the father-son duo aims to add one tattoo a year until Anderson's arm is a full sleeve. According to Anderson, Kai now not only can obviously see how much his dad cares for him, but he's also developed a passion for art! "We will keep going until he doesn’t want to do it anymore," Anderson shares in an interview with the photographer. "At this pace he is still very excited about it, so we’ll keep going. People ask me what will happen if I run out of space; I guess I’ll just get him to draw smaller pictures."
that's very cute. and if his arm is filled, it'll look nice with all the color, people won't even notice its kids drawings.
This will be funny once his kid is all grown up. I don't even know how weird it would be if I looked at my dad's arms and saw all these random doodles I drew when I was 4.
A+++++ parenting