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Egg white, brush and toilet paper are all you need to easily remove those stubborn blackheads from your nose. And it's cheap too! Popular YouTube channel, AlexandraGirlyTalk, is where I found this tutorial. It worked for me and I am sooo glad I found it! In her video, Alexandra shows that all you need is a standard egg white, a brush and one-ply toilet paper.
Directions: * Always start with a clean face * Open pores with a terrycloth towel that has been soaked in hot water (don't burn yourself!) * Separate one egg white into a small bowl * Using a makeup-free brush, stir egg white * Brush egg white onto pores * Use one-ply toilet paper (so it's thin) press onto wet skin * Brush more egg white over paper on face * Let this dry completely (about 10 minutes) * Gently peel toilet paper away from skin * Wash face with cold water only (to close pores) Alexandra recommends doing this routing every couple weeks or so depending on the frequency of blackheads.
You're welcome @sammha I am trying to find ways of doing beauty without spending all my money. Gotta be smart--I'm planning my wedding and need all the money I have. lol <3
in wish u happiness in ur life. also if u doing some beauty please let me know. i hope u enjoy ur wedding.
Wow! It sounds like a DIY Biore strip. Which is awesome because those can get so expense for me to want to use regularly.
You're welcome @riva. Hi @savannahHowes it's not any messier than a scrub you get from Bath & Body Works. The toilet paper is the messiest, but it's not a big deal. Thanks for asking. I hope it works out well for you
the most simple way ever. Clean skin is the most wanted. !
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