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Blackheads Be Gone DIY Makeup Tutorial
Egg white, brush and toilet paper are all you need to easily remove those stubborn blackheads from your nose. And it's cheap too! Popular YouTube channel, AlexandraGirlyTalk, is where I found this tutorial. It worked for me and I am sooo glad I found it! In her video, Alexandra shows that all you need is a standard egg white, a brush and one-ply toilet paper.
Directions: * Always start with a clean face * Open pores with a terrycloth towel that has been soaked in hot water (don't burn yourself!) * Separate one egg white into a small bowl * Using a makeup-free brush, stir egg white * Brush egg white onto pores * Use one-ply toilet paper (so it's thin) press onto wet skin * Brush more egg white over paper on face * Let this dry completely (about 10 minutes) * Gently peel toilet paper away from skin * Wash face with cold water only (to close pores) Alexandra recommends doing this routing every couple weeks or so depending on the frequency of blackheads.
You're welcome @sammha I am trying to find ways of doing beauty without spending all my money. Gotta be smart--I'm planning my wedding and need all the money I have. lol <3
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in wish u happiness in ur life. also if u doing some beauty please let me know. i hope u enjoy ur wedding.
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Wow! It sounds like a DIY Biore strip. Which is awesome because those can get so expense for me to want to use regularly.
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You're welcome @riva. Hi @savannahHowes it's not any messier than a scrub you get from Bath & Body Works. The toilet paper is the messiest, but it's not a big deal. Thanks for asking. I hope it works out well for you
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the most simple way ever. Clean skin is the most wanted. !
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