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Who has the money to keep buying those cute EOS lip balms? I know I don't!
Take a look at this really cool DIY on how to create your own EOS using things you probably already have around the house. And if you're clever, you can use this tutorial to make several EOS knock-offs at the same time. Just store them in a sealed container in the fridge.
What you need:
Microwave (or stove top)
EOS container
Tape (or plastic cling-wrap)
Hand lighter
5 tsp. Olive Oil (must be cold-pressed)
2 tsp. Beeswax
1/2 tsp. Lip stick (or 1/2 of crayon)
1/8 tsp. Flavor Oil (optional)
1. In a microwave safe bowl drop in oil, beeswax and lip stick/crayon.

2. Microwave 5-7 minutes (keep an eye on this, every microwave is different).
3. Stir extremely well and add the optional flavor oil.
4. Line empty EOS top with tape or plastic cling-wrap.
5. Safely pour hot mix into plastic-lined EOS cap.
6. Place in freezer to chill and harden (about five minutes).
7. Once hardened, gently remove from plastic and container.
8. Safely heat the flat side of the wax ball with the hand lighter (just until it appears glossy).
9. Attach heated side to the inside EOS container and press firmly.
10. Set in fridge to harden and cool.
11. Remove and using the hand lighter, safely apply heat to ball.
12. Smooth into a spherical ball shape with your fingers.
I really hope you give this a try. It's super easy and fun. Plus, think about all the cool colors and flavors you can come up with using your crayons and baking flavor oils in the cupboard. So many possibilities. Best part is, I get to keep from spending all my money on lip gloss.

Would you do this? Have you done it before? What did you to differently? Love to hear back from you all. Enjoy!
@DaniaChicago It'll be a wonderful idea. I very much prefer useful items over chocolate souvenirs.
I want to see if I can make these as gifts for my bridesmaids and matron of honor. So sweet <3
I wanna try this 馃槂
My guilty pleasure is collecting lip balms. I have over 10 sitting on my counter. None of them are half-used. If I ever get bored I'll give this a try!
Thanks for the comment @nannysally. I agree with you. This will last so much longer than a quick chocolate fix.
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