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Vingle’s writing editor was originally designed for shorter writing styles that fit with mobile content consumption. We received, however, many suggestions from the community expressing a desire for the ability both to intersperse images (or videos) with writing, and to use meaningful, yet intuitive editing tools.
Thanks to Vinglers from across the world, such as @stargaze, @galinda, @getfitwithamy, @timeturnerjones, @happyrock, @dillonk, who kindly shared their experiences and needs with us, we were inspired to improve our writing editor to further help Vinglers channel their creativity:

1. Place Images Within Text

With the new editor, Vinglers will be able to alternate between writing and images (or videos), thus mixing and matching as they see fit. But because we seek the best (and most fun) mobile content experience for Vinglers, Vingle decided to break up a post into blocks, giving the breaks necessary to help soak up the contributor’s ingenuity.

2. Text Editing Options

To improve the card's readability, the new editor includes the ability to bold, to indent, to insert hyperlinks, and to resize font. Simply highlight the phrase you wish to edit, and bam! the editor menu will be there to help.

3. Automatic Saving

And finally, automatic save is here. If at any point while writing your card, you need to step away, do not worry. Vingle will automatically save the card so you can be at ease.
For the full details of the new editor, please refer to this card.
Right now, though, you can only use the new editor on the web. Nevertheless, we are working hard to release the new editor as soon as possible on iPhone and Android.
Even though we have done our best to bring forth a better writing editor, there are sure to be bugs. If you run into any bugs or experience any difficulty using it, please let us know through email: Your feedback and aid will greatly help us provide a better editor and overall service.
As always, we thank you for helping us build a better Vingle.
PS If you are reading this card on your Vingle App, your app is already up-to-date. If you, however, are reading this through your mobile web browser, we recommend you update your Vingle App in order to not miss any content designed with the new editor. New cards written with the new editor will not be viewable without updating.
@danidee @MattK95 @jiggxy19 @aabxo @Allyphernelia @PasstheSuga Our playlist challenges are going to look so rad omg hahahah
@lili @danidee @MattK95 @jiggzy19 @kpopandkimchi This is going to be so insane I am so happy hahahahah
@kpopandkimchi I was literally reading this when you tagged me XD so cool :)
@kpopandkimchi Wow! Does this mean I can post more than 9 songs per playlist? This might be dangerous!
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