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Welcome to another writing prompt! I'm trying to focus on writing prompts that surround the idea of emotion this month (in honor of Valentine's Day, without only focusing on love!)
As always, feel free to respond to the prompt in the comments below. Or, link your own card. Let's get writing!
Prompt: Every person who is born emobies a certain Emotion. Write some of their stories.
Note: I got the idea for this prompt from a Reddit Post. Check out some of their responses
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everyone got emotions it's your choice to let it show its strange thing the more i had them the harder it is some people love to play with people emotion looking fearless and dying inside is better then to fall for the people pity
3 years ago·Reply
@noorkhlil Indeed, some people do love to play with emotion! I was thinking about people who become their emotions when creating this prompt.
3 years ago·Reply
it's not wrong to show it but its weakness @greggr
3 years ago·Reply
interesting prompt; you're on an emotions kick then, @greggr?
3 years ago·Reply
@noorkhlil Agreed! @timeturnerjones I suppose you could say that!
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