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I am in love with the fit-n-flare style of this creamy gown with Chantilly lace. There is something so dramatic, sexy, and feminine about that sweetheart neckline and lace bodice. You can see this on http://www.carolinaherrera.com/newyork/en/bridal/fall-2015/collection/3.
There's no price because it's couture. But I would love to wear this, but in white instead of cream.
I just can't decide between the #3 design shown previous or this one that is #7 on the website, http://www.carolinaherrera.com/newyork/en/bridal/fall-2015/collection/7. I already know that a-line dresses look great on me, but I sort of want something that hugs the body without being overtly sexy. My mom agrees that the shoulder detail is exquisite. That was her word. lol
There are tons more to look at that I figured you would want to see, besides the two that I am in love with. This is Carolina Herrera's Couture Bridal Collection 2015. If you have insight about my gown dilemma, I sure would love to get your feedback. Thank you! <3
@NixonWoman Can you please give me advice about this look? You plan weddings, right? Thank you <3
These are both so different. Hard to pick one I like more than the other. I guess I am not much help @daniaChicago Sorry
I like the first one better. But a soft pink color would be nice.
This is hard! I was originally going to say the second one is better, but I think I like the first one more.
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