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After learning about the nightmare that Sony encountered with its QX range of digital lens cameras for mobile phones, Olympus has released its own version of a lens camera called the Olympus Air for the Japanese Market this spring.
@dillonk No money in the DSLR market while the mirrorless camera market has all but tanked out. With people using more mobile phones, why not convert them to use your lenses? Hence...the lens camera. Not a bad idea if you asked me. Also, M4/3 lenses are tiny compared to the likes of other DSLR alternatives. And the last selling point has to be the third party mounts which let you mount up full frame Leica M lenses onto your Olympus Air. That is a killer app in my view.
Interesting move for Olympus, I wonder why they feel the need to move into mobile photography. Do you think it is an opportunity to grow or are they losing out on the DSLR market?