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It is commonly thought that getting in base miles in the winter is the best way to start your training year. The traditional plan of this approach advises riders to complete a block of training at the start of the year, known as the "base" phase (hence the name).
The base phase involves long rides in the saddle at low intensities. The science behind this theory is that it develops your cardiovascular system to provide a base for higher intensity training later in the year.
But you have to think, is this really the best way to structure your training? Do you really need to suffer through the cold?
Can you get the same results with less hours in the saddle?
Turns out, the science isn't all there. So base training is kind of out dated and there are more efficient ways to train now-a-days. What are your methods of training?
I just ride, if I'm being perfectly honest
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Hmm, interesting. So the best method for people not training around the clock is intervals?
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@troygreene84 That seems to be the consensus
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I really don't know much about any of this. @TeamWaffles I kind of do the same thing, ride and see how far I can go....depending on weather and how fast I want to go
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