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It's so common to see people on the side lines of the Tour de France. Most of the time they are cheering on the riders, and as we saw in 2014 a lot of them are taking pictures. Every so often there are spectators that put on a little show for the athletes participating and for those of us that watch from home. This guy in the video does a wheelie while keeping up with the Astana team as they head into the end of the second to last stage of the Tour. At this point in the tour Vincenzo Nibali had already clutched the GC.
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I remember that guy!!!!
@TeamWaffles Yeah I think the announcers pointed him out...and he is pretty hard to miss! Hahah
I love all the antics that go on along the side of the tour de france. The only thing I don't like is putting riders in danger
Hahah bike life!