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1 cup coconut milk ½ cup corn starch or rice flour ½ loaf thickly cut bread – slightly stale (easier to use). Baguettes are great, and you can certainly use gluten free bread as well! Cinnamon/cardamom (or any “sweet” spice), to taste A drizzle of high-heat oil for frying Directions: In a large bowl, mix coconut milk with flour, making sure that all lumps are dissolved.Heat the oil in a frying pan, and in the meantime coat one piece of bread in the coconut mixture.Fry for five minutes per side until golden brown. Flip the bread and repeat until all the bread and coconut batter is used.Serve with a dusting of spices, coconut syrup (pictured) or your favorite syrup or preserves.
I love how simple this recipe is - it looks like it only takes a few minutes!
Sounds delicious!! I've been meaning to try coconut milk in general and this seems like a great way to jump in!
Baguette French Toast is the best :) This sounds like a great recipe!
I actually have never added cardamom to recipes that usual call for a sprinkling of cinnamon! Such a great idea!
Yum! This is a great post! I love very 'brioche' style french toast, so right now I'm practically drooling.