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8 Reasons To Love Your Thighs
It’s time to get real about your thighs. It’s well-documented and generally accepted that women have a love-hate relationship with their bodies (and many men do too, but this one is for the ladies, especially because I happen to be a lady, so that’s the body relationship experience I can speak to). It isn’t good for our souls nor the way we see ourselves to be constantly bombarded with images intended to prescribe beauty to us, mostly based on the entirely false idea that every women should possess near-impossible proportions and near-unachievable flawlessness in order to be attractive. For every Photoshopped thigh gap dream sold to young girls by a media that fears and loathes a real woman, there are a thousand tears shed over a smattering of cellulite. It’s a disproportionate rationing of perfectionist imagery to sadness caused, and it’s not fair. http://bit.ly/1yQNcef
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we are human we are not complete i think thighs is a sexy part of female body
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Thigh gap is such a weird trend!
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